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Do you want to visit Luxembourg?

The Ardennes, with its high plateaus cut by deep valleys, where fields and forests alternate, where lakes and rivers sparkle in the sun, where the towers of medieval castles stand on the hillsides, where sites and points of view forever succeed each other, where villages and small towns full of charm and traditions strive to provide hospitality and welcome all who come and return...

on foot ?
on bike ?
on motorbike ?

Without having to transport your luggage?


Well ! You are at the right place.
We take care of everything for you!

Gastronomy of the “Parc Naturel », from one hotel to another... from one table to another

Our Association
is the 1st group of hotels in Luxemburg who for more than 25 years offer holidays with free luggage transportation, hiking, cycling or biking through the unique Natural Park “OEWERSAUER", in the north of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

We are a group of hotelkeepers who are still personally at the disposal of our guests

We invite you to spend an unforgettable holiday in the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes.

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You discover deep forests and cross peaceful valleys. You encounter isolated mills, venerable monasteries and small villages with traditional houses. And at night you taste the local gastronomy in our family hotels, take a dip in a hot bath or Jacuzzi and can relax in a restful place to sleep.

We offer « vacation without luggage » from 2 to 10 days or ‘a la carte’.
Every night you stay in a different 3 or 4 star hotel or in the same hotel or in another combination of your choice.
For lovers of wellness, some hotels are equipped with the necessary facilities.
Every morning you will enjoy a sumptuous breakfast and every evening a 4-course gourmet feast.
We can also provide you with lunch, if you wish.

You travel by train ? We can pick you up at the railway station!


A topographic map with driving and walking directions and road books are offered to discover our beautiful region

The only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy your holiday.

Consult our pages of information for complete details on hotels, services and prices.

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In der Puppenstube Europas

Ein Service in den Luxemburger Ardennen ermöglicht mehrtägigesWandern

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